Raw Food on a Budget – Book Review

Raw vegetables

Raw Food is defined as any food which has not been cooked in any way. Such kind of food is advised to be eaten in routine by many doctors. In fact, it is said that raw food is sometimes way better than cooked food. Why? because during cooking, many of the nutrients … Read more

50 Percent Raw 100 Percent Healthy – eBook Review

various raw foods, including vegetables, lentils, and leafy greens in several bowls

Everyone wants to look fit and stay healthy. There are countless sources available on the internet that guide you on how to lose weight or look smart, and there is no doubt everyone is nowadays in competition to look perfect. Everyone has a right to have a healthy life, and it’s a … Read more

Accessories for All-Clad Immersion Blenders

attachments for All-Clad Immersion Blenders

One of the most useful types of blenders is immersion blenders. They can be used to blend smoothies, puree, soup, or mix cake batter, whip up fresh mayo, chop nuts, and more. One of the best immersion blenders that you can find in the market is the All-Clad Stainless-Steel Immersion Blender. The … Read more

Can I Chop Vegetables in a Blender?

food processor

Today, several types of blenders are available in the market. That is why probably some of us may start to question the multifunction feature of the mixers, and we can’t help but wonder if they can also cut or chop vegetables. If they can, just think of how fast cooking for a … Read more

Best Blenders for Tailgating

Best Blenders for Tailgating

Sometimes we forget about the little things that make a trip great. And one of those small things is the blender. You are probably asking yourself how a blender can make your trip or camping any better. Actually, it might just be what your camping or tailgating experience is missing. Let’s be … Read more

Best Blenders for Camping

Best Blenders for Camping

If camping and smoothies are your things, then pack along a portable blender when you’re camping can be a pretty good idea. Different compact camping blenders are available in the market, and the kind that you want to get will solely depend on how heavily you plan to use and the conditions … Read more

Guide to Blender Settings and Speed

Guide to Blender Settings and Speed

A blender is one of the best kitchen tools that you can have if your plan on cooking a variety of different foods. This is because mixers allow you to do everything from making smoothies or milkshakes, blending food, and so much more. Countertop blenders come with different settings and controls. Most … Read more

How to grind meat in a blender

Grinding meat in a blender might be something you are not familiar with. Not only will this tip save you a trip to the market, but also allow you to grind both raw and cooked meat in no time. However, one thing you will have to ensure is that the blender you … Read more

What is a Slushie Machine?

a person holding a cup of red slushie

  A slushie, or also known as a slush, slushy, or slushee, is simply flavored ice. It comes in different kinds of drinks, including frozen carbonated beverages, symbolized by the Slurpee or ICEE. Aside from those, there are also frozen coffee drinks and frozen alcoholic drinks, and other more conventional slush drinks. … Read more

Top 5 Variable Speed Blenders for Your Kitchen

Anyone who is a fan of fresh drinks and blending would love to invest in a blender to enhance the capability of making his own morning smoothie or shake. Many people will opt for a blender with single-speed setting that is good enough for specific jobs but not for multiple things i.e. … Read more

How Small to Chop Food Pieces for Your Blender

Blenders are small and versatile appliances which are part of almost every kitchen. They are very helpful in chopping and blending ingredients to be used in making smoothies and other recipes. But have you experienced your blender not chopping pieces of food you put in it properly? Maybe it’s because the blender … Read more

The History of the Immersion Blender

The History of the Immersion Blender

For the most knowledgeable foodies and kitchen whizzes, the immersion blender is truly a blessing. It is the “magic wand” in the kitchen – you can take it out from the cupboard any time you need it. An immersion blender is a hand-held blender-cum-grinder which consists of rotating cutting blades at the … Read more

What Are the Types of Blender Jars?

What Are the Types of Blender Jars?

When shopping for blenders, one thing that people would usually overlook is the material of the blender jar. It’s probably because it doesn’t do the blending itself – it’s just a container, right? But while the pitcher itself doesn’t have a direct impact on the machine’s blending power, it is still an … Read more

The Best Battery-Powered and Portable Blenders

The Best Battery Powered and Portable Blenders

For people on-the-go or people with an itinerant lifestyle, the best blenders are the ones that do not need to be plugged to an electric outlet at home in order to get them running. Thanks to advanced technology, a lot of devices and appliances (like blenders) can be fitted with batteries, can … Read more

The Wonders of the Immersion Blender

Looking at several immersion blender reviews from the customers themselves, it seems like they see it as a “magic wand” in the kitchen, pun intended. After all, an immersion blender also called a “wand blender.” And you cannot blame them! The immersion blender can work wonders. You don’t need a designated blender … Read more

History of the Vitamix Blender

Vitamix blenders are among the consistently top rated blenders on the market today. Here’s a short history of the company that revolutionized the blender industry. In 1921, the company’s founder William Grover “Papa” Barnard started his career selling kitchen appliances. He traveled across the country, plying his trade, selling kitchen appliances at … Read more

History of the Blender

Your dependable everyday kitchen tool does almost everything imaginable. For those of you who have never seen a blender, it is a small electronic kitchen appliance which consists of a small container with spinning blades on the bottom that do the chopping and blending. It is also called a “liquidiser” in British … Read more