The Best Battery-Powered and Portable Blenders

For people on-the-go or people with an itinerant lifestyle, the best blenders are the ones that do not need to be plugged to an electric outlet at home in order to get them running. Thanks to advanced technology, a lot of devices and appliances (like blenders) can be fitted with batteries, can be re-charged or can be used with other means of power source.

Cheaper cordless and portable blenders and mixers use the typical AA batteries and thus have a shorter life. They can be ideal for quick culinary whip-ups. But for on-the-go foodies who want portable blenders with a longer battery life, they should spend a little bit more for rechargeable blenders or blenders are run by other sources of power.

Another great thing going for battery-powered blenders is that they can be carried and used anywhere, even outdoors. These battery-powered and portable blenders include the standard blenders, immersion blenders, bullet blenders and personal blenders. These are especially ideal for people on the move who want to enjoy healthy, nutritious and freshly-prepared meals and drinks every day, at home and even away from home.

Check out some of the top rated blenders of these types that are rated highly by consumers:

Waring TG15 Tailgater1. Waring TG15 Tailgater

As the name implies, the Waring TG15 Tailgater features a 14-foot cord that can be stretched to car’s tailgate to an outdoor table — perfect for camping, boating, and tailgate parties! This elegantly-designed portable blender has a basic 1-speed function and is operated by a vehicle’s 12-volt cigarette lighter. By just a simple push of the button, you will be able to chop, mix and blend anything — yes, you can even crush ice cubes!

The size and capacity of this blender’s jar are equivalent to six average-sized cups. That’s more than enough to hold a large volume of ingredients.

So in case you’re planning for an tailgate sangria party, the Waring TG15 Tailgater is the perfect blender to mix and prepare delicious drinks, dips and sauces on the spot!

LaCuisine Tornado Portable Mixer2. LaCuisine Tornado Portable Mixer

It may not be technically a blender (it has no chopping blades), but the LaCuisine Tornado Portable Mixer is all you need to mix ingredients together in just a snap. This is good for making basic smoothies, frothing warm milk and mixing beverages with chocolate, milk or fruit juice powders, or protein powders.

It features a clear acrylic and stainless-steel body and has an 18-ounce capacity, which is pretty much generous. You will need two AA batteries to operate this mixer.

The LaCuisine Tornado Portable Mixer definitely makes mixing and blending ingredients quick, easy and even fun!

Promixx 2.0 Blender3. Promixx 2.0 Blender

If you’re looking for a powerful compact blender that’s also affordable, the Promixx 2.0 Blender might be your Holy Grail of portable blenders! Like many other Promixx products, the Promixx 2.0 Blender also uses the revolutionary Vortex mixing technology which makes it ideal for making a variety of drinks from simple smoothies and protein shakes to some more complex concoctions.

It runs on a 16,000 rpm Li-Ion battery, which packs quite a punch compared to other portable blenders. It is rechargeable via a USB cable. Another great thing about Promixx 2.0 Blender is its one-year warranty, so you are assured of support in case of issues regarding the blender’s performance.

Margaritaville Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker4. Margaritaville Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker

Making maragaritas, coffee-based frappuccinos and other frozen drinks has never been a lot easier and more fun with the Margaritaville Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker. It sure does look sleek anywhere you put it — whether on your kitchen countertop or on a garden table.

Apart from the obvious appearance, Margaritaville Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker has a lot more features that set it apart from the other portable blenders. It includes an ice well which crushes ice then adds it to the pitcher where you mix and blend your own choice of beverage ingredients. It can make up to three drinks in a single batch.

This blender has an 18-volt rechargeable battery which enables you to make as much as 60 beverages in a single charge. In other words, it’s really a powerful portable blender. However, make sure your kitchen cupboard or car trunk has a lot of room to store it since this is quite big and bulky compared to other portable, cordless blenders.

Cuisinart Rechargeable Immersion Blender5. Cuisinart Rechargeable Immersion Blender

The Cuisinart Rechargeable Immersion Blender consistently tops the list of immersion blender reviews. Judging its appearance alone, this kitchen wonder sure doesn’t look flimsy — the handle looks and feels sturdy, and the blending shaft is made of stainless steel.

Not only does the Cuisinart Rechargeable Immersion Blender perform the basic blending. It comes with two removable attachments that do the chopping and whisking. When not in use, you can re-charge it using its wall-mounted charger. Typically, a single charge provides the blender 20 minutes of run-time.