The Wonders of the Immersion Blender

Looking at several immersion blender reviews from the customers themselves, it seems like they see it as a “magic wand” in the kitchen, pun intended. After all, an immersion blender also called a “wand blender.”

And you cannot blame them! The immersion blender can work wonders. You don’t need a designated blender jar to pop all your ingredients. You can immerse this wonderful kitchen tool into containers of any shape, size, and material — even a hot saucepan!

An immersion blender is usually seen as more expensive compared to most counter top blenders, but what you get from it is convenience. It is easy to use, is handy, is easier to clean, and is not bulky so it doesn’t take up too much space on the cupboard — you can even store it inside a kitchen drawer! Plus, it can even puree fruits and vegetables better than a lot of counter top blenders. You can even carry it to your family picnics!

When the immersion blender first came out in the market, a lot of people used to dismiss it as unnecessary. But having seen its amazing capabilities in the kitchen, people have started to change their opinions toward it. Even so, more consumers purchase the immersion blender and now see it as a valuable kitchen tool, and some say they would even be lost without it. Some of them are getting rid of their clunky conventional blenders for this light, handheld kitchen gadget.

It is now available in corded and cordless (run by batteries).

At first, an immersion blender looks like a mere stick, but watch how it surprises you by its versatility. Then you may decide for yourself if this could be one of the best blenders on the market! Check out the best immersion blender deals on Amazon or any other marketplace and save money!

Here are some of the many meals that you can make with the help of the immersion blender:

Blenders Smoothies And Milkshakes1. Smoothies and milkshakes

With the immersion blender’s power to change things to a silky, frothy texture, your milkshakes will now be creamier and smoothies a lot smoother.

Blenders Eggs2. Eggs

The immersion blender’s mixing and blending power makes sure that the yolk and egg whites are thoroughly combined. Now you can make fluffier scrambled eggs or omelets every day!

Blenders Batter3. Batter

Worried about splattered flour when making a homemade buttermilk pancake or cake batter? Not to worry because the immersion blender is quite easy to maneuver, so you will be able to better control the mixing and blending.

Blenders Mashed Potatoes4. Mashed Potatoes

No need to go through laborious mashing with your usual potato masher because the immersion blender will make mashed potatoes almost effortlessly. With the machine’s pulse action, you will be able to achieve the desired texture for your mashed potatoes — make them completely smooth and creamy, or more chunky.

Blenders Pureeing Soup5. Pureeing Soup

Before, you had to boil the vegetables, wait until they are mushy and mash them with a potato masher. Or transfer the boiled vegetables into a standard blender or food processor to completely turn them into a pureed soup. Extra care should be heeded while pouring those very hot veggies into the container! It sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Not to mention that it could also lead to some clutter. With the immersion blender, you don’t need the masher, standard blender, or food processor to make a heavenly pureed soup. You don’t even need to remove the saucepan from the heat! Simply poke the immersion blender into the saucepan and puree the vegetables until they come out as a very smooth and creamy soup. Make sure that you reduce the stove heat to low first before pureeing the vegetables

Blenders Whipped Cream6. Whipped Cream

The immersion blender is capable of turning heavy cream, even low-fat milk, or coconut milk into whipped cream! It helps to keep the cream’s peaks stiff and hold itself up for a while even after whipping. With the immersion blender, now you don’t need to buy expensive whipped creams!

Blenders Homemade Mayonnaise

7. Homemade Mayonnaise

Tired of commercial mayonnaise? Make your own at home with the help of the immersion blender! With just an egg, oil and some salt or pepper (or any flavoring you like), a tall glass and an immersion blender, making homemade mayonnaise is now as easy as 1-2-3.

Blenders Pesto Sauce8. Pesto Sauce

Whip up the best, most delicious, and most natural pesto sauce ever in no time by just quick chopping, mixing, and blending from the immersion blender.

Blenders Salad Dressing9. Salad Dressing

Making a salad dressing is a whole lot easier and faster with the immersion blender!

Blenders Hummus10. Hummus

Making hummus from scratch is no sweat with the immersion blender. No need for a food processor or the usual blender!

Blenders Tomato Sauce11. Tomato Sauce

Want to make a natural spaghetti sauce or a tomato dip? Achieve your desired texture — whether it be smooth or chunky — with just a touch of a pulse and a little mixing around inside the container from your immersion blender.