Top Blenders for Smoothies

Had the electric blender not been invented, we wouldn’t be able to enjoying smoothies and their health benefits. The smoothie is now popular than ever, most especially at a time where people are more health-conscious and are looking for natural, wholesome but delicious meals and drinks.

While a lot of people want a multi-tasking blender, some prefer a blender mostly for making smoothies. However, you should keep in mind that while there are cheaper blenders that will get the job done, they don’t exactly make the smoothest smoothies. Many cheap blenders blend smoothies that are still chunky or a little bit rough.

You might as well buy a better blender — they don’t come cheap, but at least you’ll definitely get what you pay for! And they don’t only make smoothies, but other things like spreads, soups, and cocktails so it pretty much doubles as a food processor! If you can find great blender discounts, then that’s even better.

We pick the best blenders, specifically the best smoothie makers, that will suit any budget. In addition to this article, other blender reviews will also be helpful.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Aside from its ability to make excellent fruit and green smoothies, the Vitamix Professional Series 750 also enables you to make soups, frozen desserts, and purees thanks to its five pre-programmed settings. Really, you can’t go wrong with Vitamix blenders, including this one of course. If you’re making a lot of smoothies and other blended beverages, this one’s got to be it.



BlendTec Designer Series WildSide Blender

2. BlendTec Designer Series WildSide

BlendTec’s Wildside blender boasts a high motor speed which enables it to crush tougher ingredients like fibrous fruits and vegetables, and even ice cubes. Yet, you’ll end up enjoying a smooth, silky smoothie. It is a worthy competitor to the Vitamix blenders. The jar’s unique design means you don’t need a tamper to manually push or mix ingredients to make sure everything’s blended thoroughly. Plus, the jar’s low height will fit under any kitchen cabinet.



Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa Powerful Performance Blender

3. Oster BLSTVB-000-000 Versa Powerful Performance Blender

You can enjoy Vitamix-like performance with this blender but at half the Vitamix price. Use it not just for the smoothiest of the smoothies possible, but also make butter, ice cream, soups, and many others recipes. It has pre-programmed settings as well as a variable speed dial to achieve the desired motor speed. It also comes with a tamper.



Ninja BL660 Professional Blender with Single Serve4. Ninja BL660 Professional Blender with Single Serve

This Ninja BL660 may be under the mid-range blender models, but it is still capable of crushing fruits and ice. This blender has six blades which allows it to draw the ingredients downwards, making blending a breeze.



Breville Hemisphere Control Blender


5. Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

Another blender in the mid-range models bracket is the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender. It has a special blade technology which allows it to blend food thoroughly around the jar. You won’t have to operate the “stop” and “start” controls time and again as the blender’s design prevents the ingredients from getting stuck inside the jar.

Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5 Horspower Blender

6. Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5 Horspower Blender

Its 64-ounce polycarbonate jar has integrated blades which make for a more powerful blending action. Which means even if you dump whole berries and ice cubes into this blender, it turns these ingredients magically into one smooth and creamy smoothie.

Hamilton Beach 58148 Power Elite Multi Function Blender


7. Hamilton Beach 58148 Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

If you want a blender that does only smoothies and other drinks, go for Hamilton Beach 58148 Elite Multi-Function Blender. It may be under the lower-range price bracket, but it is capable in crushing fruit and vegetable chunks and turning them into luxurious smoothies. It also features a 700 watt motor, a pulse function and 12 blending functions, so you might as well get a bang for your buck!

Omega BL630 3 HP Varialbe Speed Blender 64 Ounce

8. Omega BL630 3-HP Varialbe Speed Blender, 64-Ounce

The Omega’s 64-ounce jar can handle medium-to-large batches of ingredients. If you want to hold a smoothie party, this blender can do it for you. It has a timer, variable speed controls, and an automatic shut off. The best of all? It has a 10-year warranty!



Back to Basics Blender Express


9. Back to Basics Blender Express

The name is pretty much self-explanatory. You can drink the smoothie (or any beverages) you’ve just made straight from its cup! Plus, it can also be carried anywhere, which means it’s also a perfect travel and picnic buddy.


Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender or Mixer System


10. Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender/Mixer System

It has a simple design, and does not even have any controls, which means this is an easy-to-use kitchen contraption — and who doesn’t love anything simple? Just push the flipped-down cap, and the blender magically chops, crushes, and blends fruits, ice, water, juice, and other flavorings into one creamy and refreshing smoothie. Its 900-watt motor brings more than enough power which helps you create every kind of smoothie imaginable.