Tips for Keeping Your Blender Clean While Camping

a pair of hands operating a cordless blender

One of the best things about camping is cooking and preparing food with the beautiful nature surrounding you. But of course, one of the common and expected challenges about it is cleaning after. Have you heard of “leaving no trace”?  Whether you’re living it up in a rustic cabin or roughing it … Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Blender Jar Clean

Blender jar with ice

If you love making shakes, smoothies, juices, and sauces, you probably use your blender a lot. It has become an indispensable kitchen tool. As your blender is subject to many uses, in particular, it is important to keep your blender jar clean so that it will be free from dirt and food … Read more

What Happens If Your Blender Jar Cracks?

fruits inside a blender, coffee spilled coffee grounds, and food inside a chopper

With a blender (especially a high-powered one), it’s now easier, quicker, and more fun to make refreshing blended fruit smoothies, decadent milkshakes, tasty soups, and exotic sauces.  But like all kitchen appliances, blenders can also be a pain when you have to clean them up afterwards. And what’s worse is that when … Read more