Great Blender Recipes

You can call a blender your all around kitchen helper. The many blender types and configurations allow you to create every recipe imaginable — smoothies, cakes, cupcakes, salad dressings, spreads, sauces, pastries, ice cream, shakes, juices … anything!

Yes, you cannot believe that many of these recipes are done with the help of the trusty blender! Some blender reviews by the customers themselves include their favorite recipes.

Blender SmoothiesSmoothies

During the 1930s and the 1940s smoothies had become more popular due to the invention of the electric blender. It has made these drinks much easier to prepare, and why not, more fun! Smoothies are a great and fun way to introduce fresh fruits and vegetables especially to kids and to health-conscious people.

Typical fruits used for smoothies include blueberries, strawberries, bananas, kiwis, and mangoes. Some ingredients may be added to make smoothies a lot yummier such as sugar, honey, yogurt, milk, cream, and cottage cheese.

However, more health-conscious dieters tend to omit these abovementioned ingredients from their smoothies as they add more carbohydrates, fats and sugars. Instead, they add more healthful ones like nuts, quinoa, citrus fruit juice, and low-fat milk or yogurt. Some people do not even add water for their smoothies. All they have to do is just freeze the raw fruits until they become icy and ready for the blender.

Since the 2000’s “green smoothies” have grown in popularity, and they are a welcome addition to every health buff. These green smoothies may consist of 50% vegetables (the rest are fruits) or all vegetables. Usual raw vegetables and herbs used for green smoothies include carrot, kale, avocado, spinach, Swiss chard, celery, parsley, broccoli, and mint. These smoothies provide vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants as well as great flavor.

Recently, matcha (green tea powder) has been added to make a green smoothie.

Blender Milkshakes and iced blended drinksMilkshakes and iced blended drinks

The best blenders are reliable tools to make delicious milkshakes and ice blended drinks. Classic vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, salted caramel, coffee, black forest, Oreo, Java chip, matcha, peanut butter, S’mores, mixed berries, banana, mango, mocha… the possibilities are endless!

Blender SoupsSoups

Most of the soups prepared with the blender are made of pureed vegetables like pea and pumpkin, giving them a smoother and creamier texture.

In making pea soup, use frozen peas as they’re easier to cook than fresh peas. Add the frozen peas into boiling water (or a chicken or vegetable stock) and wait for 3-5 minutes until they’re tender. Add flavorings such as salt and pepper, or mint.

Pop the boiled peas into the blender — it is more preferable to pour the boiled peas in batches. Puree the peas in the blender, preferably on low speed. To make the pea soup much smoother, pour it into a bowl and repeat the puree process.

Making a pumpkin soup is the same as in making a pea soup. You can pour the boiled pumpkin in batches into the conventional blender, but the preparation will be a whole lot easier (and safer and less messy) if you use an immersion blender. An immersion blender is safe to use even in hot foods or liquids. After the pumpkin has been boiled and become tender inside the saucepan, poke the immersion blender into it and start pureeing the pumpkin until you achieve the smooth texture. Immersion blenders have become one of the top rated blenders by consumers due to its ease of use and storage.

Blender Cakes cookies brownies pies doughnuts muffins and other pastries as well as pizzaCakes, cookies, brownies, pies, doughnuts, muffins and other pastries, as well as pizza.

If you don’t have a hand mixer or a food processor, the blender can be a capable alternative for making cake or cookie batter. But as in making batter using a food processor, you just can’t throw all ingredients into the blender and overmix the batter. Overmixing will activate the gluten which results in a dense, chewy mixture which can be great for cookies but not for cakes and pies.

There are other considerations when mixing a batter in a blender. When making chocolate chip cookies, for example, blend the batter on low pulse. But don’t do it so much that the blades will start chopping the chocolate chips into smaller bits.

You can find several cakes and pastries online that use a blender as a main tool.

Blender Ice creams sherbets and sorbetsIce creams, sherbets, and sorbets

A blender is also a wonderful kitchen gadget for making ice cream, sherbets, and sorbets. The beauty of making home made ice cream using a blender is that you can add any ingredients you want. It is also an opportunity to make a healthier ice cream, such as a vegan ice cream which uses non-dairy ingredients like coconut milk or almond milk. It is definitely a wholesome alternative to most commercial ice cream products.

Blender Sauces spreads jams dips and dressingsSauces, spreads, jams, dips, and dressings

A blender is also dependable when you need to make homemade sauces, dips, spreads, and dressings. Need to make a spaghetti sauce with basil? The blender’s sharp blades will chop the tomatoes. You can make the sauce either chunky or pureed depending on your preference by just pulsing the blender.

The blender will enable you to make a variety of sauces, or help you become more creative by allowing you to experiment with new flavors. You can make guacamole, peanut sauce, apple and cinnamon jam, cheese sauce, almond butter, pesto, hummus, and so much more!

Blender CocktailsCocktails

Who can resist a drink that’s made in a blender? Especially cocktails? Whipping up that Friday nightcap couldn’t be any easier and quicker than with a blender. Make margaritas, pina coladas, mojitos, Blue Hawaiis, mai tais, or a new cocktail that you have just concocted to please your party mates!