Can You Make Whipped Cream in a Blender?

If you’re one of the people who like smoothies and cold coffee, then you probably cannot live without whipping cream. It’s not only used in refreshing beverages. It is also used in a lot of breakfast staples such as waffles and pancakes, as well as pastries, baked cobbler, and fresh strawberries. In fact, some people even eat whipped cream right out of the can. But did you know that you do not always have to buy whipped cream from the supermarket? This is because you can make it on your own in the comfort of your home. 

What’s the Difference Between Whipped Cream and Heavy Cream?

For starters, heavy whipping cream contains more milk compared to light whipping cream. This means that it will hold up better to freezing and heat when you whip it. Aside from that, heavy whipping cream can also make your whipped product taste smoother and more decadent. 

On the other hand, whipped cream is perfect if you want to have a light topping for shakes and ice cream. It can also be used if you want to substitute oil or butter when you’re making mashed potatoes. 

The real question: Can You Make Whip Cream in a Blender?

Can You Make Whip Cream in a Blender

The answer is yes. Blenders are perfect if you want to mix together ingredients, such as when you’re making a smoothie or a puree. The blender’s blades can chop up whatever is put in it and blend it all together to make one substance. That is why if you are looking for an easier way to make your own whipped cream at home, a blender might be the right kitchen tool for you. 

But how about an immersion blender? Can you make whipped cream with it, too? The answer is also yes. In fact, the best way to make whipped cream in your kitchen. This is because it takes less than half the time of doing it by hand, plus it tastes a lot better. 

A typical immersion blender can whip up at least eight oz of heavy whipping cream in just 30 seconds. Aside from that, it also comes with an extra-long mixing arm that enables you to blend ingredients into the bottom of tall glasses or containers. 

You do not even need any special training or skill to use an immersion blender. All you have to do is put all your ingredients into a bowl or container, turn on the blender, and just hold it while it does all the work for you.

How Do You Make Whipped Cream in a Blender? 

Make Whipped Cream in a Blender

Now that you know that you know that you can make whipped cream in a blender, it’s time to find out exactly how to do it. You will need powdered sugar, heavy whipping cream, and vanilla extract. 

The first thing you need to do is to grab your blender and add your sugar, heavy cream, and vanilla extract. Cover your blender and blend all the ingredients for about 15 seconds. Stop and open the cover to see if the mixture has thickened a little. 

After that, use a rubber spatula so you can move the cream in the middle of the blender, then cover and pulse your whip cream a few times until you reach your desired texture. It usually takes about four pulses to get it right. 

How Do You Know If It’s Done?

We know how it feels to follow a recipe for some delicious whipped cream and end up looking like there’s more air in it than a big balloon. We get it, and no one wants to have whipped cream that has been over whipped, right?

So, in order to determine if your whipped cream is ready, it should have stiff peaks. This means that even if you put the container upside down, the whipped cream will not fall down, and it will be able to hold its peak. This means that it is ready to be used as a filling in cakes and on top of pies.

Stabilizing Your Whipped Cream

When making your own whipped cream, you might notice that it becomes a little bit runny after a while. Do not fret because it is normal, and it can be prevented by doing some simple techniques. For starters, homemade whipped cream is best enjoyed an hour after making them. That is why if you happen to have any leftovers, you can transfer them to an airtight container and put in inside the refrigerator. 

Before you serve your whipped cream again, you have to remove it from the fridge and bring it to room temperature. You will notice that the whipped cream is once again thick enough to be used for another round of deliciousness. Aside from this, you can also try putting in some powdered sugar before serving your whipped cream, trust us, and you will never want to buy whipped cream from the store again. 

Tips for Whipping Cream

  • When you’re making whipped cream, make sure that you start with a cold bowl as well as a whisk attachment.
  • Chill your cream for at least 30 minutes inside the fridge before you start mixing or blending. 
  • For every cup of cream you put, make sure that you put one tablespoon of milk until you reach your desired consistency. 
  • Make sure that you put your blender on a low setting so that you will be able to control how much air gets whipped into the cream. 
  • As your mixing progresses, slowly increase the speed of your blender but make sure that you do not overwhip your cream. 


Now we know that blenders aren’t just for making blended drinks and smoothies. They can also make delicious whipped cream that’s perfect for desserts or add something extra to your coffee. 

If you want to make whipped cream in the comfort of your own home, then a blender might be the right kitchen appliance for you.