Can You Blend Pomegranate Seeds?

Pomegranates are not just pretty to look at, but they are also delicious and healthy. Some people eat the fruit without blending or juicing, but its juice is also as delicious as eating the whole fruit. Pomegranate is a good source of vitamin K and C, and it is also packed why antioxidants such as polyphones. Consuming pomegranate can help your body burn down fats in the blood, decreasing cholesterol and helping with other factors regarding heart diseases. 

In this article, we are going to tell you how to blend pomegranate seeds so that you would not have to buy seeds from the market. You can simply mix the seeds in the comfort of your own home.

How Can You Blend Pomegranate Seeds?

How Can You Blend Pomegranate Seeds

First of all, yes, you can blend pomegranate seeds; all you have to do is take your pomegranate and soak it in water for a good five minutes. Soaking will soften the pomegranate’s skin so you can easily slice it. After the smooth skin:

  1. Cut the fruit in half and put them back in the water.
  2. Take off the skin by using a fork, then slowly remove the seeds.
  3. Take note that you should not take the pomegranate out of the water while doing this.
  4. After you’re done removing the skin and the seeds, take a strainer and drain the water, then put the drained seeds in your blender.
  5. Blend the pomegranate seeds until they break and liquefy.
  6. Pour the seeds through a fine-mesh sieve. 

Can You Blend a Whole Pomegranate?

Can You Blend a Whole Pomegranate

No, because just like pineapples, pomegranate has thick and non-edible skin. This is why if you’re planning to blend the whole pomegranate fruit, scratch off the idea because all you need is its seeds.

If you’re patient enough, you can buy whole pomegranates and de-seed them just like how we thought you. If you want instant pomegranate seeds, you can head down to the supermarket and grab a bag of frozen pomegranate seeds. 

Can You Use Pomegranate Seeds in Smoothies?

Other people like to throw away pomegranate seeds, while others do not mind using them in smoothies or drinking their juice. Pomegranate seeds can be either added to a smoothie, blended, or blended with a smoothie. But, if you’re thinking about using your pomegranate seeds in smoothies, make sure that you blend them well so that there will be no seeds left in your smoothie; otherwise, it will be too annoying to drink it. 

What are the Health Benefits of Pomegranate Seeds?

What are the Health Benefits of Pomegranate Seeds

Blending pomegranate seeds gives you a great flavor of the pomegranate juice without the excess sugar that is usually found in other fruit juices. The seeds are better addition to smoothies compared to the juice because it contains a lot of healthy fiber. That is why smoothies are very beneficial because they often have more fiber than the juices of fruits or vegetables. Do not worry because fiber is not destroyed when you put it in a smoothie. In fact, it helps slow down your body’s absorption of natural sugars. That is why eating an apple instead of drinking apple juice Is much better for your blood sugar levels. 

Aside from making your smoothies fiber-packed and deliciously pleasing, pomegranate seeds are also best in improving your heart health, preventing cancer, and lowering your blood pressure. Pomegranates are also rich in antioxidants that can help your skin look younger and brighter. 

Pomegranate can also help strengthen your bones, muscles, and cartilage because it is packed with vitamin C, which is essential for good cartilage, bone structure, blood vessels, and muscles. Not only that, but it also helps fight oxidative stress by limiting the damaging effects of free radicals. 

What Else Can You Do with Pomegranate Seeds?

There are several things that you can do with pomegranate seeds. You can sprinkle it on top of your salad, mix it in your oatmeal for a healthier breakfast, or make avocado guacamole with it. Some people also like to put pomegranate seeds in vanilla yogurt or make a parfait with it. Not only that, others blend it with their chicken soup for extra nutrients. 

Is it Okay to Consume Pomegranate Seeds?

It is entirely safe to consume pomegranate seeds. A lot of people like to take out its seeds, then eat the fruit and drink the juice. Others want to eat the seeds along with the fruit for added flavor. Pomegranate seeds are inside of the fruit, which makes them easily digestible. 

Interesting Facts about Pomegranates

Interesting Facts about Pomegranates

  • Pomegranates are included in the berry family. 
  • The word pomegranate is derived from the medieval Latin words pomum granatum, which means apple that has many seeds or grains. 
  • Pomegranates are usually in season in the United States from September to December. 
  • Pomegranates are considered one of the superfruits because of their abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 
  • Pomegranates are actually fruits that are native to the Middle East. 
  • Pomegranate trees can live for about 200 years.
  • Pomegranate trees are also sturdy trees because they are able to thrive, bloom, and fruit in hot and dry climates. 
  • If stored adequately, pomegranates can last for at least two months in the refrigerator. 
  • You can grow pomegranate trees commercially or domestically. 
  • Pomegranates do not have any saturated fats or cholesterol.