What ICEE Flavors are Available?

The Icee Company, which was previously known as Western Icee and Icee USA, is a beverage company in Lavergne, Tennessee, in the United States. The flagship product of the company is the ICEE, a frozen carbonated beverage available in many different flavors. Aside from that, the company also makes other frozen beverages, and Italian ice pops under the Icee, Frazil, and Slush Puppie brands.

The inventor of the original Icee drink, Omar Knedlik, was the one who founded the Icee Company. It became the inspiration for Slurpee and other frozen machine drinks after several machines made by the company were bought by 7-Eleven in 1965. The creation of ICEE was invented in 1958 by accident. During that time, Omar Knedlik owns a Dairy Queen in Kansas. His soda machine broke, and he started pacing bottles of soda in the freezer to keep them cold. With this, he began selling bottles of soda that would instantly turn to slush once opened. After that, the frozen soda became popular with the customers.

If you are wondering how do Icee machines work, you can read our post on What is a Slushie Machine to have some ideas. If you haven’t tried ICEE yet, we are giving you a list of the available flavors of ICEE that you can try soon.

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Usual ICEE Flavors

Here are some of the usual ICEE flavors that you can try soon:

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is one of the best flavors of ICEE, and it will leave you wanting more. It has an amazing taste that is refreshing, too. It will remind you of eating blue cotton candy. It is perfect for hot days outdoors. The only downside of this flavor is it turns your lips and tongue blue, which is cool for some kids.


Many people also love the Cola flavor of ICEE because when it melts, you will have a soda. It tastes like Coke, that’s why it’s easy to fall in love with. It is one of the classic ICEE flavors that you will not get tired of ordering.


If you are into berries, the Cherry flavor of ICEE is perfect for you. It is more flavorful compared to Blue Raspberry. It is another refreshing flavor that you should definitely try, especially when you’re out on a sunny day. It is the original “cherry on top.”


Lemonade is a simple ICEE flavor but very refreshing too. It is like drinking an extra cold and icy lemonade. It is a great flavor of you’re looking for something to lift your mood up.

Cherry Lime

The Cherry Lime flavor of ICEE is also called the Elf ICEE. It is bright green in color and tastes like cherry and lime. Surprisingly, it is one of the best ICEE flavors that you should try if you find one. Most of the time, this flavor is offered in a limited time only.

White Cherry

This ICEE flavor can get a lot of people confused if there’s really a white cherry. Perhaps, it is called White Cherry because it’s a mix between red cherry flavor and sprite flavor, minus the red coloring. But regardless of its mystery, it is still a favorite of many people. It also pairs well with popcorn. Some like it because it still tastes like cherry but doesn’t make their mouth turn red.


Many people say that Grape ICEE is one of the best flavors out there. However, it is quite challenging to find. But if you find grape-flavored drinks delicious, then you’ll surely love to try a Grape flavored ICEE, too.

Green Apple

Green Apple ICEE is cool, sour, sweet, and tasty. It smells good and tastes great. It is a very refreshing flavor, which is perfect while strolling outside on a hot summer day.


The Watermelon ICEE flavor tastes like a sour patch watermelon, which is great. It has a realistic watermelon taste that is very refreshing. It is also one of the most favorite ICEE flavors by a lot of people.


ICEE also has a strawberry flavor, and it is one of the best flavors that you can try. It is sour and sweet at the same time. Very refreshing, too!

Orange Dream

ICEE Orange Dream is true to its name because it tastes like a dream. It is not too strong but not too soft either. It has a lovely, soft orange color that is very delicious. However, it is also a rare flavor that is difficult to find nowadays.

Craziest ICEE Flavors Ever Made

woman drinking ICEE

Aside from the usual flavors of ICEE that you can find, there are also some unusual ICEE flavors that you won’t even imagine being made. Here are some of the craziest ICEE flavors ever made:

Apple Blackcurrant

The Apple Blackcurrant ICEE flavor is interesting. It is a fusion between apple and berry that will leave you with a flavor blast.

White Chocolate

If you are craving for something sweet, but something refreshing at the same time, then the White Chocolate ICEE is perfect for you. It is a sweet treat that will not only satisfy your chocolate craving but as well as cool you off on a hot sunny day.


When talking about ice cream, vanilla is a classic flavor. But when you turn it into an ICEE, it will have a crazy texture and flavor combination.


Honey is a great flavor in tea, and it is also delicious when added on toast and many other foods. However, it may bring an unusual flavor to the classic ICEE drink.

Buttered Popcorn

Popcorn and ICEE are known to be a movie theater staple. However, when you combine them together, you will get an unusual and crazy ICEE flavor.

Mango Chili Lime

It may sound odd, but the Mango Chili Lime ICEE flavor is a sweet and savory combo that will give you a unique and tasty flavor.

These are some of the available flavors of ICEE that we know. The company continues to make many wonderful flavors as the years pass. If you love ICEE, what are the most delicious flavors you have tried and want to try again soon?