What healthy juice recipes can we make with a blender

You have probably heard of including more fruits and vegetables in your meal if you want to be healthy. Some even opt to refer to riceselect.com/product/arborio just to make sure that they have the healthiest rice in every meal aside from fruits and vegetables. Well, it is no fluff, it is absolutely true! Never try to skip eating out fruits for no reason. Fruits are considered magic foods. If you cannot eat them whole, then you can blend them into juices and drink at your own convenient time. With different recipes and ideas for fruit juices, you would be giving your blender different uses to prepare meals and drinks for breakfast and dinner. You can even refrigerate the juices:

Kale, celery and lemon

You can blend these three together to get an awesome green juice. Green is powerful and life-giving. It also helps to revitalize your skin and boost your immune system.

Strawberries and beetroots

Even though beets have a strong taste, berries are tasty. At such, you will definitely get a sweet combination. This combination helps to flush out toxins from your body.

Bananas and apples

If you are looking for some smoothie goodness, this is definitely something you should try. It is very enriching and filling. Apart from blenders, you can look for other useful electronic devices such as kitchen robots that can help you create fruit juices and other kitchen tasks.

Strawberries, carrots and ginger

This is another quick, healthy recipe you can make on your blender. To spice it up a bit, you can add ginger. However, adding ginger isn’t compulsory.

Mango and orange

You will definitely enjoy this if you try it out. However, ensure that the oranges and mangoes are sweet ones so that your smoothie will have a great taste.


This is also an awesome fruit whose juice is very sweet. You can juice your pineapples alone or combine it with other fruits like beetroots, etc.

Besides combining fruits to make healthy recipes, you should also know that the quality of these fruits makes them healthy for consumption too. For instance, it would be a distasteful experience to use infested strawberries to make a strawberry and beetroot juice. Here are hints on how to get the best fruits for your juice:

Do not use infested fruits

Ensure that the fruits you use are not infested. an infested fruit will have holes bored into it by insects. Check your fruits well to see if there are holes in it. Do not buy a fruit blindly, neither should you allow yourself to be coaxed by the fruit vendor that an infested fruit is not bad.

Do not use fruits that have been bitten

Either before they are harvested or after they are harvested and are stored, some fruits are eaten by some small animals like birds, rodents, etc. If you go ahead to use such fruits in making juices, you may be exposing yourself to a whole lot of danger.

Buy organically grown fruits

Not all fruits are left to grow naturally. Some fruit farmers add chemicals to their plants so as to fasten the growth process. This turns out to be harmful most times. Eating such fruits may be poisonous. As such, ensure that you buy your fruits from vendors who are committed to healthy and non-risky production processes.

Properly wash your fruits

Wash your fruits well before you juice your fruits, it is advisable you wash them well. You can wash them under a running tap with clean water. Do not attempt to wash your fruits with soap in any form. Doing so exposes you to the inedible chemicals in the soap.

Either eating fruits whole or extracting their juices, fruits must be included in your diet. They are prerequisites for living and thriving well. In fact, some people even regard them as magic foods, because of the natural goodness they contain. However, to really enjoy your fruit juices, try to be creative about combining fruits. Also, do not limit yourself to a type of fruit. Except you are allergic to some fruits, have a wide variety of choices. You will get to benefit from the different vitamins and minerals available in each fruit and also enjoy a wide taste of nature’s goodness.