Unique Uses For A Blender

Getting too consumed in your everyday routine is common. We enter the kitchen, cook a two-course meal, clean, and wind up for the night. Often we forget to incorporate something different in our eating routines which often lead to less usage of kitchen tools and appliances. One of the kitchen machines that quite commonly stays tucked away in our cabinets is a blender. You may pull it out only to whip some banana or strawberry smoothies and toss it right back in. 

However, spending some hefty bucks on kitchen electronics and not utilizing them often deems a waste. We know it feels like a task to think of unique uses for blenders, choppers, food processors, etc., with a busy routine. And this is why we have decided to help you with it. We know the potential blenders have to become a part of your everyday meal preps. Here we have some unique blender recipes for you to make the best use of your mixers. With these recipes, you can even give your blenders a permanent place on the countertop since you will often use them. 

a woman using a hand blender to whisk egg whites 

So, without further ado, let us look at some unique ways of making meals with blenders. You can also read a comprehensive guide to blender settings and speed here. 

Fluffy Eggs For Breakfast:

If you love your eggs, like us, then this is a perfect method for you. We all know the trick behind getting the fluffiest of eggs for a hearty meal in the morning. The more you whip them, the better they taste. But why use your hands when you can so easily use your blender? And do not worry, it will not spoil your eggs. Crack the number of eggs you want for the breakfast into the blender and add whatever garnishing you feel like. Now blend the eggs until they are fluffy enough and pour them into the pan to cook. You can now add the cheese and veggies you may like to eat, and you are all done. Your perfectly fluffy eggs are set to be devoured. 

a breakfast platter with scrambled eggs and buns 

Beat The Perfect Whipping Cream:

Most people hesitate to bake cakes, muffins, etc., because of the lack of appliances in their kitchen. You might have a blender, but the fact that they mentioned an electric mixer in the recipe will keep you from making the meal. But trust us, a blender can do what most other food processing appliances can. And hence, a blender can also whip you some nice and fluffy whipping cream

When making desserts, you need to beat the originally liquid whipping cream to become firm enough to shape. Later you can use this whipping cream to garnish and decorate cakes and other desserts. But not having an electric beater should not keep you away from trying out the recipes. You can put the whipping cream in the blender and blend it at a medium speed. It is all it takes, and your whipping cream is ready. However, remember to use a medium speed on the blender since over-beating the whipping cream at high speed may result in curdling.  Meanwhile, if you want to know how to grind meat in a blender, open the link. 

a picture of whipped cream on a platter topped with berries 

Homemade Tomato Sauce:

You may debate that it is super easy to buy a jar of tomato sauce from your nearest shopping store; we say it is easier to create one in your kitchen. It will save you a few bucks, and you can also always be sure about the ingredients you put in. All you need are tomatoes, a few garlic cloves, olive oil, sugar, vinegar, salt, and some ground black pepper. Put them all in a blender and give it a nice mix. Your sauce is ready. 

You can use this tomato sauce to make quick homemade pizzas. Just remember to drain extra water from your tomatoes before blending them in since this will prevent your sauce from being too watery. 

a picture of opened jars filled with tomato sauce 

Milk Almonds For Your Vegan Diet:

Did you know that vegan diets increase metabolism by 16%? It means your body burns calories faster than when you are on a diet that includes meat. Vegan diets have recently been the fad. And if you are someone who focuses on a plant-based diet now, you might want to look into this method. 

Of course, there are now a gazillion options available in the supermarket offering you vegan dairy options. There is almond milk, oats milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, and many other alternatives on hand for your consumption. But what if we tell you that you can make vegan milk at home by simply using your blender? 

Let us look at how you can make almond milk at home. First up, you need to soak your almonds in water for up to two days. The more you let them soak up, the creamier your almond milk will turn out to be. Next, you need to drain and wash the almonds and toss them in the blender. Add fresh water and grind the almonds; you should now have this gooey mixture that you need to sieve. The drained liquid from the ground almonds is your yummy and creamy almond milk. 

a jug and a glass full of milk kept outdoors 

Blend Some Steaming Vegetable Soups:

On a cold winter night, snuggling in your blanket while sipping on a bowl of hot vegetable soup sounds heavenly. These recipes are healthy, delectable, and also super easy to make. 

A Simple Carrot Soup:

a bowl of broccoli soup along with some raw broccoli and leek 

The Perfect Chocolate Mousse:

Who doesn’t love chocolate? After a fulfilling dinner, one always craves some yummy dessert, and this blender mousse recipe is perfect for such moments. It is easy and needs only five ingredients to create. Yes, you read that right. You require one egg, eight ounces of semi-sweet chocolate, one teaspoon of espresso powder, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, and 2/3 and ½ cups of heavy cream divided. 

Toss in the egg, chocolate, and espresso powder in a blender and mix well. Take ¼ cup of boiling water and pour it into the chocolate mixture. Now blend it at high speed. Heat 2/3 cup of heavy cream in a pan and pour that into the chocolate mixture while blending. Add in the vanilla extract and a pinch of sea salt; mix well again. 

Whip the ½ cup of heavy cream separately until it is firm and soft peaks start forming. Fold this whipped cream into your chocolate mixture until thoroughly combined. Now shift these into a dessert bowl and refrigerate for an hour before serving. Your yummy blender mousse is ready. 

a square dessert mousse cup and a spoon with chocolate mousse on it  


Cooking is fun and simple if only we make the best use of the tools, ingredients, and appliances on hand. There are usually many gadgets that we own yet forget to utilize, which is a waste of money and resources. It is best to use your appliances and create as many unique and yummy recipes as possible, just like the above-mentioned unique blender recipes that are simple yet delicious. Do give them a try, and we promise you will love them so much that your blender will keep whirring all day long. Also, please check out our post about the best high-end blenders and mixers.