Blender Accessories

The blender is a simple kitchen appliance that can do a lot. It can blend to make milkshakes, make purees, emulsify mixtures, and grind solids to create powder and nut butters. The parts of the blender are not complex in design and function, and they can be bought individually in stores. If you don’t know where to buy blenders and its accessories, you can always search online.

Here are the parts and accessories of a blender:

Motor1. Motor – the device or machine that controls the movement and speed of the blender. It transforms electric energy to mechanical movements.

2. Housing – provides the body of the blender and houses the electric motor and the speed controls. The weight of the housing keeps the blender on the counter during blending.

3. Jar base / jar nut – houses the upper portion of the motor and the blade assembly. It is screwed to the blender jar.

Blender jar 4. Blender jar – the container or the receptacle in which ingredients are placed. It is usually made of glass, but it can also be made of plastic and metal. Some of the top-rated blenders have jars made from tempered glass with measurement markings on the side. It fits the housing, and its bottom part is open to allow blade access.

Screw cap5. Screw cap – a piece of molded plastic that holds the blade cutter in place during use. Without this piece, the blade would fly off the motor.

6. Clutch / serrated drive / coupler – lies on top of the motor and attaches to the blade assembly. This is made of rubber and controls the movement and speed of the blender.

7. Gasket / o-ring seal / seal ring – a flat piece of rubber in the shape of an “O” that keeps the blender jar sealed, preventing food particles, liquid and moisture from leaking inside the motor, causing damage. It is placed between the blender jar and the blender blade cutter.

Jar lid8. Jar lid – covers the top of the blender jar to prevent ingredients from exploding from the jar. It is made of glass or plastic, and usually has a rubber stopper that forms an airtight seal on the jar.

9. Fill cap / center cap – a small, removable, plastic piece that helps keep liquids inside. It also allows you to add ingredients without stopping the blender. In some blender models, this serves a dual purpose as a measuring cup.

Blade cutter10. Blade cutter – this is the most important part of the blender as it does all the stirring, crushing, grinding, pureeing and all the other blender functions. The blade cutter is attached to the motor and is made of stainless steel for durability and maximum sharpness. As the blade rotates, it pushes the ingredients upwards from the bottom of the blender jar, continually grinding and crushing until the desired consistency is acquired.

Most blender models are made of four blades arranged in multiple planes and set at different angles wherein one blade is angled up and the other side is angled down. Also, some blenders have blades permanently attached to the housing, while most models have the blade, base and gasket as separate parts that must be attached together to the blender jar.

Now that you know the parts of the blender and their functions, you can easily identify what to buy in case of malfunction and damage. Also, look out for blender deals or blender discounts offered by stores and sites – you may get your needed blender accessory in a discounted price!