How to Make a Smoothie with a Blender

There are so many ways to start a healthy living. You may keep postponing your morning jog or hitting the gym by the weekends. But taking 5 minutes of your morning routine to make a glass of smoothie is not really a tall task. Even better, you can do it the night before and it’s ready to enjoy by the next morning. Smoothies are the perfect drink (or should we say snack?) for anyone, at any time. We’ll talk about how to make a smoothie with a blender but first, there are things you need to know about this tasty drink. In case you’re here for the best milkshake recipe, read our guide to make a strawberry milkshake without ice cream here!

Are smoothies as healthy as whole fruits?

Smoothies have been increasingly popular and not often we find them marketed as a healthy drink. Its popularity comes as no surprise as making these beverages is quick and easy. Not to mention how they taste great if you put the right ingredients inside. Even kids will love them! You can easily find and buy bottled smoothies at most major grocery stores. Or you can easily prepare them yourself. 

The most basic smoothies usually include two essential ingredients. Once you decide on these two ingredients, you can add or mix them with other ingredients to your liking. Most smoothies are made of frozen fruits or added with ice cubes in the making to give the final cool, icy consistency of the product. To put it simply, it’s a milkshake made of fruits, veggies, and some other ingredients.

But do you get the same nutrients from a banana smoothie as much as you get from eating the whole fruit? It turns out that’s not always the case. This is because fibrous and pulpy parts in vegetables and fruits have valuable nutrients. Soluble and insoluble fibers found in those fruits and veggies may not be absorbed best once it’s broken down into a liquid form. But that doesn’t mean the nutrients are lost once you blend the ingredients.

In conclusion, this question is still debatable. Some experts believe that the way your body absorbs insoluble fiber is different once it’s broken down into a different form. While some others disagree that blending reduces fiber content in fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of drinking smoothies

The benefits of a glass of smoothie highly depend on the ingredients you choose. Smoothies are commonly made of varieties of fruits and vegetables. So it comes as no surprise that increased fiber consumption is one of the most notable benefits of drinking smoothies. If you happen to don’t eat enough fruits and veggies, a glass of smoothie is the most convenient way to pack in 2-3 servings. Not to mention that they taste so good!

The key to making healthy smoothies relies on the quality and quantity of its ingredients. Its biggest pitfall is the amount of sugar added to the product. So, next time you’re picking up bottled smoothies in the supermarket, pay attention to the sugar level. A high level of sugar in smoothies can alter your main objective in the beginning. That’s why it’s best to make your own bottled smoothies at home. You can tailor the kinds of nutrients you need the most and measure a healthier amount of sweetness. 

You may often hear about how smoothies are a weight-loss tool. Studies suggest this can be true as long as they’re not causing you to exceed your daily calorie needs. This is because drinking smoothies can be as filling ass eating solid foods. Drinking calories instead of eating them also doesn’t necessarily lead to overeating. 

How to make a smoothie with a blender?

The easiest and quickest way to make a smoothie is by blending the ingredients. You can toss them in a blender and let them mix. Choosing the right blender is also key to making a good smoothie. Read the complete reviews on which blender is best to make a smoothie on Blenders Pro. To make sure you do it right every time, here’s a step by step process:

  • Prepare your frozen fruits. Let’s say that you’re going to make the classic strawberry banana smoothie. Apart from the fruits, you’re going to need liquid for better consistency results. Milk is usually the best choice and again, you can customize it however you like. If you always go with low-fat milk or almond milk, you can use either of those two. 
  • The first thing you need to put into the container is the liquid. Next, toss in any additional fibrous ingredients. If you want to add some greens into your smoothie, this is the right time.
  • Cut the bananas, chop off the strawberry’s crown, and put them inside. Frozen fruits are generally preferred since it’s great to have your smoothie all nice and cold! This is the step where you put any kinds of frozen fruits in the process. 
  • Top it off with additional ingredients such as chia seeds, almond nuts, and vanilla Greek yogurt, what have you. Close the lid before turning your blender on.
  • Now start the blender at low speed and slowly ramp-up to full speed. This is simply to ensure all the ingredients are mixed well and the blades don’t get stuck. Although the blades are mostly made durable, these careful steps will ensure your blender stays with you for a long time. 
  • Once you get the consistency you like, switch off the blender. Pour it down for 1 – 2 servings, and there you have your strawberry banana smoothie!


We’ve answered the question of how to make a smoothie with a blender. It’s also great to know a thing or two about this popular wellness trend instead of jumping right on to the bandwagon. The health benefits of smoothies are largely determined by the ingredients you use. It’s also important to note the sugar level when you’re buying or making your smoothies. A high level of added sugars may alter the purposely nutrient-dense drink. 

Making smoothies is a creative way to boost your vitamin and fiber intake. To make a smoothie with a blender, you just have to prepare your ingredients. Put them on the blender along with other additional ingredients of your preference. These additional ingredients are often liquid, to make it easier for the main ingredients to blend.

Switch on the blender and blend all the ingredients into a liquid with a thick consistency of your preference. Switch off the blender and pour your smoothie into a glass. Your smoothie is best served when it’s cold!