Why Most New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers Won’t Take Your Case

Many layers do not offer case evaluation or consultations for free of cost to their potential clients. However, to get a comprehensive overview of any legal issue, it is an imperative action. Must note that any initial consultation will not qualify the relationship between the malpractice lawyers and the clients.

For instance, a malpractice lawyer may offer you his time to evaluate your case for free of cost, and then he/she will decide whether to take on your case or not. Moreover, whatever decision the lawyer takes has no association with liking or disliking you. Similarly, even if you feel that you are being rejected for such grounds, it is not the case for sure.

Every lawyer has an objective to help people as much as possible in the journey of justice. One thing that you should need to understand is that your lawyer is not your buddy or friend. He is just a professional who has the job of helping people with legal issues. Moreover, he is the one who offers expert legal advice and guards your legal rights.

Similarly, he defends people when their rights get harmed by someone else’s fault. If a lawyer decides not to accept or reject any case, there must be some credible reasons behind it. Consequently, by letting a client go, they will also lose a lot of money, so why would a professional lose the money? The reason would be credible.

However, for experienced money has nothing to do when she/he consider a case based on humanitarian ground. Similarly, if they stand for victims or keep a human being above and foremost anything, they never reject/accept any claim for money.

An experienced lawyer to provide justice to the client and fight for the innocent victim who has suffered or harmed by someone else illegal attempt or lousy judgment is his/her first instinct. The same goes for the lawyers of New York who avoid taking malpractice cases.

Reasons Why Most New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers Won’t Take Your Case

The following are why most of the New York medical malpractice lawyers will not take your case.

  1. If you lied about your harm or injuries.
  2. If you are demanding or abrasive.
  3. If your injuries or damages are not prominent.


In New York state, medical malpractices are investigated and handled by different government agencies. Similarly, the investigations also depend on how a person gets injured. The complaints about medical malpractices have been either reported by a family member or the patient itself. Most of the time, such claims are investigated by NYS Health Department.

However, these complaints or claims also inspect by many other firms overseeing particular professions. These firms include:

  • NYS Health Department’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct
  • Office of the Professions for New York State Licensed Professions
  • New York Board of Registration in Nursing

NYS Health Department’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct 

It investigates claims against physician assistants, doctors, and surgeons in New York State.

Office of the Professions for New York State Licensed Professions  

This firm inspects and claims lodged by patients or their family members against pharmacists.

New York Board of Registration in Nursing

However, this organization investigates complaints and claims registered by a family member of the victim against a nurse at a hospital/ home.

Final Thoughts

How can a lawyer risk his/her credibility when a third-party firm is investigating the same case? He/she won’t. Therefore, you should not lie in front of your lawyer; otherwise, your lie will catch him/her. The lawyer will leave with no choice but to excuse you from accepting your case.

If you are looking for a malpractice lawyer in New York, do not even think about lying. Similarly, do not rush and keep calm because if you hurry, you will make mistakes. Let the case move smoothly rather than pushing it to end quickly. Your lawyer may also get exhausted with your demanding or abrasive attitude; hence will quit your case.

Furthermore, if your injuries are minor, why would you pay the fee to the lawyer? Because there are firms in New York who are working for you, why would the lawyer engage with you? When a patient has minor harm or injuries, lawyers avert to take such a claim to court in New York. And you know the reason well now.

If you know that you are not lying, your injuries are paramount, and you are not demanding, then relax because the lawyers in New York will probably work for you. However, the law advisory is a firm that will work for its client in all seasons. Either your injuries are minor or significant, and you can find the malpractice lawyer here right for your case. However, lies are not allowed here as well.