Vremi Professional Kitchen Blender for Smoothies


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Product Description

The Vremi Professional Kitchen Blender delivers the quality, functionality and performance of a heavy duty, commercial blender at a super affordable price. Get ready to blend, chop, mix and puree everything from soup to nuts!

Smoothie Mode

Our countertop blender includes a special smoothie button. Put smoothie ingredients in pitcher, and hit the beverage button once; motor will start slowly and gradually increase speed until smoothie is done (takes about 2 minutes). Works best for smoothies made with ice or frozen fruit.

Ice Chopper Mode

No more watery margaritas: This pro blender is an ice crushing machine too. Hit the ice button start crushing at 40 second intervals. The motor will stop after the first cycle, rest for 40 seconds, and automatically start again. Hit the button to stop cycle when finished crushing.

Pulse Mode

Use P button for pulse mode for fast, short bursts of high-speed mixing.

Using and Cleaning Your Pro Blender

    • Red flashing LED light on P (pulse) button indicates blender is plugged in and ready to use
    • Unplug blender when not in use
    • Fully cover blade with ingredients; keep total volume under max fill line (2L or 70oz marker on pitcher)
    • Keep pre-blended ingredients at or below room temperature
    • Hand washing recommended; avoid dishwasher, high heat may cause damage
    • Blade does not detach from pitcher; run blender on low speed with small amount of water and soap to clean

Technical Specs

  • Power: 120V, 50Hz, 1400W full copper motor
  • Materials: Stainless steel blades, body and base; BPA-free 2 liter pitcher (~8 cups)
  • Includes: 1 cup measuring scoop and food presser stick
  • Warranty: Free 1-year warranty
  • See Product Information for additional specifications