The Stylish Cowboy Hats Give the Style-Conscious Women an Edge Over Others – The Popular Types to Select From

Most people imagine the cowboy hats to be of a particular kind! But if truth be told, today there are multiple styles of it. Most women think that cowboy hats come with an indented crown and a curved brim. It is the conventional western style, and initially, the cowboy hats didn’t appear so. It was known as the “Stetson,” which came with a round top and a flat brim.

It’s said that a cowboy hat style that most are familiar with today, with a rolled brim and a dent, came from the fact that the cowboys had to take off the hat each time a lady passed by the street or he walked into a building. And each time the cowboy grabbed the hat top to take it off, the dents were more visible.

So, you love the cowboy hat, and you don’t know which variant is correct for you? If this is what is bothering you, then this article has you all covered. Here we are going to discuss some of the different types of cowboy hats that will enable you to make the correct choice. Whether you need a cowboy hat to attend an event or you want to find the hat that best caters to your requirement and choice, this article has you all covered.

1. The conventional western cowboy hats

So, when you think of a cowboy hat, perhaps this is what your mind conjectures. It is a stylish hat that comes with an oval-shaped brim that is curved and has an indented crown. It is apt for tipping and removing the hat when there is a lady. Usually, this style gets worn in the Southwest and South American regions by women. And even though the hat has evolved over the past few years, you can wear it anywhere and everywhere during the night and day. You can choose the occasion and wear the hat and match it with your attire and accessories.

2. The outdoor cowboy hats

Most people think that the majority of cowboy hats are meant to be worn outdoors. While that is true, there are a few hats which are manufactured particularly for outdoor purposes. These hats are waterproof, rugged and crushable to stand the daily wear and tear and the test of the time. Some of these hats get made with high-end crushable water-resistant wool. A few other cowboy hats get made using fur or wax cloth that is perfect for keeping you warm during a chilly night.

3. The decorated western cowboy hats

It is interesting to know that the decorations in the cowboy hat aren’t a new-age addition. In fact, men started to decorate their cowboy hats right after it got invented. That was their way to denote a region or a ranch. It also helped to distinguish a hat from the other. And today, you will come across a wide range of cowboy hats for women with different embellishment types, with different brim styles, crowns, varying materials, and colors. These hats for women also have various embellishments. Sometimes, these embellishments take the form of braids, leather straps, and gemstones.

4. The leather cowboy hats

If you opt-in for a good quality leather cowboy hat, then it’s an investment for years. And these hats are very good-looking and also robust. But you need to take care of one aspect – these leather cowboy hats are not waterproof. Hence, just in case the water soaks into the leather, it might change shape. However, you can always come up with ways to waterproof leather.

5. The Panama cowboy hats

This cowboy hat gets made with a lightweight Panama straw. These hats come with breathability and is light-colored and is apt when you want to visit the beach. The Panama hat belongs to the Ecuador and makes it to the family of cowboy hats with its dented crown and rounded brim, perfect for protecting the wearer’s head from the heat. Today, other than women, children also wear a Panama hat.

6. The flat brim and the rancher hats

The stiff brim, flat brim, and rancher hats get distinguished from the conventional cowboy hats based on their rounded and flat brim. Generally, the rancher hats come with a fedora crown and is popular for its crown with a crease that gets pinched on the front. And there are a few rancher hats, that come with a pointed, unique indent on the crown.

These are a few of the cowboy hats that are available for women today. You can always check with a popular and reputed online hat maker for the variants to choose the one that caters to your size, requirement, style preference, and budget capacity. You can also research ways to style your cowboy hat with different attires and accessories.