Tips for Making Great Smoothies in a Blender

fresh smoothie with banana and pumpkin

If you are the type who doesn’t like to eat raw fruits, there are many other ways to enjoy them. One of them is a smoothie. A smoothie is a thick, smooth drink of fresh fruit pureed with water, milk, yogurt, or ice cream. Smoothies are a much more enjoyable way to … Read more

What’s the Best Blender Settings for Frozen Items?

a person pouring a smoothie from the blender jar to a glass

Modern blenders have become more powerful and versatile: the blades are a lot sharper, and the controls are more than just “1-2-3″ when it comes to speeds and settings. They also vary in size and other features. So, it’s quick to assume that blenders can do almost every single kitchen task. But … Read more

Review for the Omega Blenders

a 3HP blender by Omega

There are many brands of blenders that you can find in the market. If you are looking for one to add to your kitchen appliances, one brand that’s popular is Omega. It is a world-leading juicer brand in the world, and it also manufactures other beverage equipment like blenders. It was in … Read more

Best Blenders for Tailgating

Best Blenders for Tailgating

Sometimes we forget about the little things that make a trip great. And one of those small things is the blender. You are probably asking yourself how a blender can make your trip or camping any better. Actually, it might just be what your camping or tailgating experience is missing. Let’s be … Read more

Top Blenders Under $100

Top Blends Under $100

Drinking smoothies is a delicious way of consuming our favorite nutritious fruits and vegetables. You can choose to buy smoothies in cafes and juice bars, or make your own at home. Making your own smoothie is beneficial because it can help you save money in the long run. You can also ensure … Read more

Top Blenders for Smoothies

Had the electric blender not been invented, we wouldn’t be able to enjoying smoothies and their health benefits. The smoothie is now popular than ever, most especially at a time where people are more health-conscious and are looking for natural, wholesome but delicious meals and drinks. While a lot of people want … Read more