What ICEE Flavors are Available?

an ICEE truck

The Icee Company, which was previously known as Western Icee and Icee USA, is a beverage company in Lavergne, Tennessee, in the United States. The flagship product of the company is the ICEE, a frozen carbonated beverage available in many different flavors. Aside from that, the company also makes other frozen beverages, … Read more

Dietary Info About ICEEs

a cup of Strawberry ICEEScreenshot

If you are looking for something cool and refreshing to drink, it is easy to create one yourself, especially if you have a blender. If you are looking into buying one, you can check out our JTC blender review. However, if you want to have a refreshing drink instantly, one of the … Read more

Guide to the Best Slushie Machines

a slushie machine featuring three different flavors

Nothing beats a delicious and refreshing cup of slushie on a hot afternoon. However, most of us don’t always have the time to go out and buy a cup of slushie in a restaurant, ice cream parlor, or convenience store. Therefore, just like owning a blender, it is also a great treat … Read more

What is a Slushie Machine?

a person holding a cup of red slushie

  A slushie, or also known as a slush, slushy, or slushee, is simply flavored ice. It comes in different kinds of drinks, including frozen carbonated beverages, symbolized by the Slurpee or ICEE. Aside from those, there are also frozen coffee drinks and frozen alcoholic drinks, and other more conventional slush drinks. … Read more