Top Benefits Of Having A Small Blender While Camping

Top Benefits Of Having A Small Blender While Camping

Not missing out on your favorite smoothie is one of the benefits of having a small blender while camping. You get to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. A blender for camping is ideal for with it, you can still make your healthy drinks during your outdoor activities. This kitchen appliance is … Read more

Dietary Info About ICEEs

a cup of Strawberry ICEEScreenshot

If you are looking for something cool and refreshing to drink, it is easy to create one yourself, especially if you have a blender. If you are looking into buying one, you can check out our JTC blender review. However, if you want to have a refreshing drink instantly, one of the … Read more

What healthy juice recipes can we make with a blender

What healthy juice recipes can we make with a blender

You have probably heard of including more fruits and vegetables in your meal if you want to be healthy. Some even opt to refer to just to make sure that they have the healthiest rice in every meal aside from fruits and vegetables. Well, it is no fluff, it is absolutely … Read more

Can I Chop Vegetables in a Blender?

food processor

Today, several types of blenders are available in the market. That is why probably some of us may start to question the multifunction feature of the mixers, and we can’t help but wonder if they can also cut or chop vegetables. If they can, just think of how fast cooking for a … Read more

Guide to Blender Settings and Speed

Guide to Blender Settings and Speed

A blender is one of the best kitchen tools that you can have if your plan on cooking a variety of different foods. This is because mixers allow you to do everything from making smoothies or milkshakes, blending food, and so much more. Countertop blenders come with different settings and controls. Most … Read more

The Best Smoothies for All-Day Energy

If you are always busy, whether with work, school, or your hobbies, then you might be looking for ways on how you can boost your energy to face your daily activities. Well, there are lots of ways to boost energy, such as drinking coffee, exercising, getting the right amount of sleep, and … Read more

What is a Slushie Machine?

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  A slushie, or also known as a slush, slushy, or slushee, is simply flavored ice. It comes in different kinds of drinks, including frozen carbonated beverages, symbolized by the Slurpee or ICEE. Aside from those, there are also frozen coffee drinks and frozen alcoholic drinks, and other more conventional slush drinks. … Read more