Buying Guide for Kitchen Blenders


What Is The Best Blender BrandWhen buying a blender, you’ll probably wonder things like, “what are the best blenders?” or “where to buy blenders?” or “what type of blender do I need?”

Blender as a SaviorYour answers will depend on how you plan to use the blender. For some people, the blender is not that essential, so they would only use it occasionally. Others, on the other hand, see the blender as a “savior” in the kitchen and cannot function without one.

Just when you think that buying a kitchen blender is as easy as ABC, you realize that you’ll be faced with a hundred models, each with different types, speeds, functions, controls, etc.

First of all, what type of blender do you actually need? Do you need a countertop blender or an immersion blender? Do you need just a smoothie blender or a multi-functional one? Besides your needs and preferences in a blender, you should also consider other factors such as the pricing, ease of cleaning, and the space it would take up in your kitchen.

There are two basic types of blender:

  • Blender ImmersionCountertop – This type of blender is what most consumers purchase and use. As the name implies, it is usually used on the kitchen counter. It has a stationary motor and a jar. There many types of countertop blenders according to the material of the jar (glass, polycarbonate plastic, and steel), uses (smoothie, cocktail, etc.) as well as motor speeds.
  • Immersion – Also known as a “stick blender” or a “wand blender,” an immersion blender consists of a shaft with a motor on its end which drives the blades to rotate and act as a chopper, grinder, and emulsifier. Since it doesn’t have a container on its own (although some units come with one), this kitchen gadget can be immersed into any type of container. You can even use it for pureeing a pumpkin while it is still inside a hot saucepan to make pumpkin soup.

So do you want the usual countertop blender which is more stable or the immersion blender which is a handier blender that is also easy to clean and store?

If you want a blender that is just enough for your basic chopping, grinding, blending, and pureeing, a standard blender should be adequate. If you like to make smoothies and other ice blended/frozen drinks, then you should buy a blender that has at least 500 watts of power as well as blades that are capable of crushing ice.

If you want to spend your money on a good-looking and more stable blender, then you should choose a glass blender jar. But if you do mind the cost, buy the blender with a polycarbonate plastic jar. Or if you want a more durable blender that can also crush harder items like ice as well as fibrous fruits and vegetables, go for the stainless steel one.

Brands like Vitamix BlenderBrands like Vitamix and Blendtec offer more functions than the standard blender does. While these blenders don’t come cheap, they are otherwise powerful and are capable of doing amazing things like cooking a pea soup out of frozen peas, processing foods, and several other functions. With their power and versatility, these blenders can be your all-in-one kitchen wonder that allows you to forego using other appliances. You could consider buying these high-performance blenders a good investment (plus, these blenders usually have a seven- or eight-year warranty).

Oster Fusion BlendersSome blenders have cool features, like the Oster Fusion Blender’s special motor which drives the blades to rotate in alternating directions. This feature enhances the flow and blending of food and thus prevents the contents from getting stuck inside the jar. Hamilton Beach has some models which feature the “wave-action” technology which helps the food to continually draw down into the blade which results in a consistently smooth texture — great for making smoothies or soups, salsas, or spreads. Some units have dipensing spouts which make pouring liquified foods and beverages a lot easier, but it can add to your dishwashing chores. Plus, the level of contents inside the jar could be remarkably greater than the level of the dispensing spout. Blendtec has a few models which have state-of-the-art features like an illuminated, touch-screen interface, pre-programmed cycles, and a capacitive touch slider where you can adjust the motor speed even while the blender is running.

In comparing blender prices, motor speed is not necessarily what makes a blender cheaper than the other, or more expensive than the other. But it is the features that set a blender’s price apart from its competitors. To help you buy the blender that will be worth your money, first decide which type of blender suits your needs. Then look at its functions and features. Decide which of them will be the most important to you. You may also consider buying a unit that comes with accessories like a dispensing spout and/or a tamper, which may save you from buying other kitchen tools. Look out for the best blender deals or blender discounts on online stores such as Amazon or at shops near you.

Immersion blenders have a few advantages over their countertop counterparts. They are handy to use, can be used and carried anywhere, can be immersed into many types of container, are easy to clean, and don’t take up too much space in the kitchen.

Immersion blenders are available in both corded and cordless (which are run by batteries) models. The only drawback about them is that they usually are more expensive than most countertop blenders. To ensure that you get the best immersion blender, make sure that it is has a durable body, high motor, and sharp blades. Confirm too, that it doesn’t make too much noise and the food won’t splatter even when the blender is turned on high settings, and has an ergonomic design as well.

Breville, Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, and Hamilton Beach are some of the trusted brands that you can rely on when buying an immersion blender.

A lot of blender manufacturers claim that their products are the better than the others. Still, one of the best ways to buy a good blender is through reading online blender reviews by the customer themselves. Attending live blender demos at department stores and malls is also a good idea to see what the blender can do. However, there generally aren’t similar demos being done for you to compare the different available blenders.