All-Clad XJ700042 Immersion Blender Mini Chopper and Whisk Attachments, Black


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Product Description

Make your All-Clad handheld electric immersion blender even more versatile with the All-Clad XJ700042 Immersion-Blender Mini Chopper and Whisk Attachment. The attachments easily secure to the blade-end of your immersion blender and can be quickly switched out, one for the other. The 10-ounce mini chopper works great for chopping nuts or for mincing garlic and onion, minus the tears. Even more, the included spare lid features an adjustable top that allows the chopping bowl to double as a shaker—perfect for serving freshly chopped hard cheese. The balloon whisk attachment works great for blending cake batter or aerating mixtures, like whipping egg whites into firm peaks for a meringue or whipping cream for dolloping onto slices of pie. The All-Clad immersion-blender mini chopper and whisk attachment quickly expand the capabilities of your already ultra-convenient All-Clad Immersion Blender.