7 Oceans slot machine from Microgaming

7 Oceans is a three-reel, single payline slot machine from Microgaming. You will see the classic fruit symbols – BARs and sevens as you spin. When playing at the top line, bet for the collection of sevens with the machine’s logo relies on a jackpot – 4,000 coins. Play it now at https://yojucasninonz.com/!

The game principles and the setting of the machine

At the start, the player has 100,000 demo credits to buy game coins and pay spins. The line bet is switched with the Bet One key. At the same time, in the payout table, which occupies the right side of the screen, the sector corresponding to the selected rate is highlighted. You can bet a total of up to three coins.

The value of the game coins in demo credits is determined by pressing the “-” and “+” knobs. The changes are displayed in the Bet window. So for one currency, you can give 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2 or 5 credits.

The prize line on the 7 Oceans machine is only one. To get the payout for the combination, you need to collect the same symbols on the line. Counting is from left to right, so one of the symbols must be on the first reel. The paytable shows the reward for different combinations of coins. The amount of compensation in demo credits depends on the Coin Value.

You can run the reels in two ways. The first is by pressing the Spin key. In this case, use the settings Size and Bet One, which set the player. The second is the critical Bet Max. It automatically sets the maximum bet per line but does not change the Coin Size.

More information about the slot machine 7 Oceans is available by clicking on Help. In addition, the winnings per spin are displayed in the Win window, and the balance in demo credits in the Demo Credits window.

7 Oceans Machine Symbols and Ratios

There are no special characters on the 7 Oceans machine. Also, unlike most other similarly themed slots, the lack of symbols on the payline brings a reward of 3 coins when wagering on a line 1, 6 when wagering on a line 2 or 3.

The reward for collecting BAR symbols at a bet of 1:

  • a combination of any BARs – 9;
  • single BAR – 15;
  • double BAR – 30;
  • triple BARs – 45.

The reward for collecting BAR symbols at a bet of 2:

  • combination of any BARs – 18;
  • single BAR – 30;
  • double BAR – 60;
  • triple BAR – 90.

At a line bet of 3 coins, BAR and the “empty” line are rewarded according to the 2nd Coin payout table section.


The Seven Oceans rewards are available if you play with a line bet of 3 coins. On the 7 Oceans machine, the jackpot is awarded to:

  • any sevens – 500 coins;
  • blue sevens – 1,000;
  • 7 Oceans sevens – 4,000.

Smaller bets will not pay out the reward for the sevens. The payout size in credits depends on the Coin Size and the coins received for the spin.