5 Ways the Casino Tricks You: Stay Alert

A casino is a fun place with loads of money. When we imagine a casino scene from Hollywood, at least this is what we remember. There is no doubt that expensive drinks, handsome hunks decking up the cards, and beautiful women accompanying them is a lovely evening plan. But don’t forget, money is not something casinos will give up easily. So they plant some tricks and traps to lure you in and leave you bankrupt. Please scroll down to know some of them and stay alert.

There are several games on casinos, like card games, poker, sports betting, etc. But card casinos are the fastest payout online casino nowadays.

The first rule of playing cards in a casino is not to trust a dealer ever.

The card game is simple. Two or four people can play it, but a pair is praised for a match. A deck of 52 cards is distributed between them. One will get two cards down the face and two down face to his opponent. The other two cards are faced on the table. You have to achieve cards from the table as spades, aces, big or small casinos for diamonds. Dealers dealing the cards usually play the trick here. They’ll assure you about the mathematical probability of choosing a card. But remember, betting is not math. It is a calculation based on the situation. Plus, if you lose once, they’ll talk you into another round. Don’t make this mistake. If you feel you’re not getting the pattern, stop there.

Choose your deal for the night. If you are here to enjoy and party, that’s fine. Have glasses of vodka, and have fun. In case you decide to play and win some bucks. Never drink on that night. Dealers and waitresses will keep bringing free, expensive drinks. But don’t fall for the trip. Just think, if you go to the bar and get a whiskey, you have to drink it. So why is this drink free for the tables?

Because once you start gulping down alcohol, you swallow all the strategies too. This step is the starting of your loss. Later on, you will most probably keep betting and losing to other conscious players, and the alcohol won’t let you stop. So be careful.

Stay away from friendly dealers. Remember, they are trained artists to put on a show—a mesmerizing vibe to make you feel that winning is more than comfortable here. But once you lose, they will not tell you to stop. Instead, they may say that you’re losing because you do not give enough tips to know the secrets. They’ll keep sucking out the money from your pocket as much as they can.

Sometimes casinos print customized cards with tips on them. Do not buy that idea. Play with simple, plain cards that you know well.

So let’s get to know about some legal tricks to stay ahead of the casino.

Card Casino Tips

Do card counting seriously. Because you want to get the highest near 21, but not exceeding the number. So if the higher cards remain on an un-played deck, it’ll increase the chance for you. Because the dealer is bound to play, he will exceed 21 easily, and you’ll get the money. This trick can increase your chance by 1% against the casino. This percentage looks like almost nothing, but betting 1% is enormous.

Some casinos banned card counting nowadays. They even restrict the player from doing it forever from their clubs. To prevent card counting, use continuous shuffling. You have to upgrade your knowledge too to win against casinos. Shuffling counters is an excellent way to beat them.